About the laboratory


UNILAB as a part of Faculty of Agriculture under Goce Delcev University – Shtip, implements complete laboratory tests, for the improvement of the quality and quantity of the agricultural production in our country, and increasing the competitiveness of the domestic production at international level. The laboratory implements different agrochemical analyses of soil together with giving advice on the plant fertilization and nutrition; determination of micro and macroelements, heavy metals, trace elements in different media such as soil, water and plant material, determination of the active substances of pesticides, the presence of certain nutrients in fertilizers, analysis of the quality of seeds and seedlings, determination and identification of the presence of plant diseases and pests of plants and stored agricultural products.

The services are objective, prompt and with high quality, based on the internationally recognized and accepted methods of analyses, in accordance with standards MKC EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, keeping the contacts with the beneficiary strictly confidential.


The vision of the laboratory is to grow into a referent state laboratory within its area of expertise, recognized outside the borders of Republic of North Macedonia and the Balkans.


The main aim of UNILAB is to fulfilment the mission through a gradual implementation the vision that has been achieved by a precisely defined strategy of action.

The priorities are defined by a prior increase of the number of the professional and scientific personnel of the laboratory itself. Professional and scientific improvement of the whole personnel is necessary to be carried out in the country and abroad. Internationally accepted standards and national laws and regulations are to be introduced into every day administrative and professional work. Relevant modern equipment for science and research is to be supplied in all sections of the laboratory, as well as programing of modern software, relevant and integrated into the everyday work of the laboratory, of the department, the faculty and the university. Provision of modern scientific literature and international journals. Membership of international associations and unions within the specific area of expertise. Active participation in national and international conferences, symposia, advice-giving centers, etc. Publication of the results in national and international journals.

Exchange and increase of the laboratory personnel expertise by short visits at home and abroad. Hosting professional and scientific staff from renowned foreign laboratories. Providing constant contacts and professional advice to the agricultural and food-processing companies as well as to the individual farmers. Providing close contacts and professional advice to the Ministry of agriculture, forests and water resources, the companies for enhancement of the agriculture and non-profit organizations.

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